If you always longed for your own business and wanted more security in your job, maybe it’s time for you to try working as a freelancer. Let me explain why someone would dive in this profession. It is quite simple: If you have a standard job, you have one employer and he can fire you at any time. As a freelancer you can have any number of clients you choose and in that way you reduce your reliance on any one.

But don’t rush just yet. Make sure that this is right job for you. If you want to run a successful freelancing business, you should check out first these few advises below. They are all connected to one another and some tips are more obvious than others. Also, don’t worry if you are not sure that you have needed skills. You can gain them with devoted work and practice, especially if you want to prosper from this.

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Be curious. That will help you to see every opportunity that you get from cooperation with your clients to learn what they want and specifically how can you achieve that goal. So don’ be shy because in that way you are hindering interaction. The more curious freelancer is, the broader the sight will be and the greater chances for growth. It’s worth developing this trait.

Learn self-discipline. It doesn’t matter you are new or experienced freelancer, this can represent a challenge. In this type of work nobody stands above your head to tell you what to do. It is all up to you, from the time you get out of bed, through your work plans, to your project deadlines. You are solely responsible to your clients and especially to yourself. Self-discipline comes from within and it takes practice if you’re not used of not having a boss.

Be professional. This applies in every single detail of how you handle your work and even in what you are wearing.  Not that it’s wrong to work in your pajamas, but you need to have some sort of professional concept. It’s a good way to show your employers that you are serious and it has more promotive purpose than productive.

Be organized. If you are chaotic don’t expect success. With your working spaces flooded with paper and your inbox full, it’s less chance to find what you are needed. Time is being wasted instead of developing a new project. In this scenario it’s a greater chance to miss business propositions and you even won’t have a clue. Organization is a skill you can learn but it needs discipline.

It’s a road to self-awareness. As a freelancer you can learn much about yourself, if you are curious enough. By working, you are constantly experimenting on your own development, and your employers are participating too. Every new day carries something different so you’ll see how you react in various situations. Different types of people produce different levels of your productivity. It is your choice to learn how to deal with these relations or not to bother with them at all.

Be self-confident. It’s perfectly normal thing to have doubts when you’re starting something new. But don’t worry, confidence is not something you have or not. It’s is gained through actions and it builds up with practice like handling business, negotiating for projects, working with clients, on a daily basis. The only way to develop that kind of security is by doing, trying, not be afraid to experiment. And if you make mistakes along the way, it’s ok as long as you learn from them.

Be patient. Many people lack the patience, also gained with practice. It’s a hidden strength and worthy one for that matter. In the words of old saying: “Good things come to those who wait.” It will probably take time before your hard work pays off and for interested employers to respond to it. Even thou your work has quality and people want to work with you, timing is also a factor. Waiting for the right time is of essence and that is why you need to be patient.

Be flexible. The chances are if you picked this profession that you are in the good position. Be ready to adapt a lot: for your employers, your services, payment, how you present your offer. Be open for market needs, adapt and make your offer. Follow the movement online, and go in that flow direction whether is a service you have knowledge of or is something new that has to be learned.

You need to have good communication skills. The way that someone interprets something you said is out of your hands. However the thing you can control is how you communicate, be it verbally or in writing. When the situation comes created from unsatisfied employer or a simple mistake, you must think be for you act. Client can easily misinterpret you if you are unclear or you can say something wrong that will produce consequences. This usually happens via e-mail because people are not focused or don’t have patience. Even it is just from your side, good communication skills are worth it. You’ll learn how to react when the pressure is on.

This is a job that requires commitment. The fact that you are freelancer doesn’t mean you are 100% ready to commit to handling your own business. But you must be willing to give it a try with all of its changes. If you are devoted, you will response on employer’s calls and e-mails on time, respect the deadlines and charge your clients promptly. The employers will see right through you if you’re not committed.

Focus yourself on these few tips and you will be on the right path. Combining them together is a key to a real success. Your business is built by your commitment, professionalism, organization and it’s developed by your confidence, flexibility and communication. This will enable you to bypass your competition.

Show your employers that you are serious, that you are here to stay, that you have good mindset and that you are willing to help them in their endeavors. In other words, build trust, a key element of every prosperous relation. Doing a good work and staying touch with your employers will send a clear message: “I mean business!”