In a country like Pakistan where women make up to 52% of total population, it becomes important for them to play a role in country’s economy. Unfortunately, the culture of women working in different corporate sectors could never nourish in Pakistan. However things are changing now and women can be seen working in different fields and in many cases, they are doing better work than their male counterparts.

There are certain jobs that are considered safe for females in Pakistan and we are going to discuss some of those jobs in this post:


There are a lot of private firms that need services of architects. An interesting change of events has been noticed in the industry where women are given preference over male job seekers because women are considered to have better designing skills. So if as a female in Pakistan, you are looking for a job, becoming an architect not only comes with better salary package but job security too.

Programming/ IT

People of Pakistan have a huge appetite for IT and technology and that is the main reason we have produced some of the finest Engineers, IT Experts and Programmers in the world. With the boom in IT industry and establishment of software houses in cities like Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi, women are able to find very lucrative jobs.


In healthcare industry, you always need someone who has sympathy for patients and is also a dedicated hard worker. Fortunately, there is a huge trend in Pakistani female students to incline towards medical studies. Most of the premed female students prefer becoming a physician. Some other fields that are considered good for women in healthcare industry include becoming a Dentist, Veterinary Doctor and Nurse. Women are also working as admins in Hospital and Pharmaceutical firms as well.

Interior Designer

When you need your house redesigned, who can do a better job than a woman? That is the main reason why the interior designing industry has becoming the hottest job market for females in Pakistan. In most of the interior designing institutes, you will seldom find any male students because in our culture, men are inclined towards hardworking jobs. Interior designing is not an easy job but since women have a better designing insight, they can do a better job in this field.


If there is one industry in Pakistan that has produced the most female entrepreneurs then it is the Beauty industry. The trend of becoming a beautician and opening your own beauty parlor is not new in Pakistan. A lot of women join different institutes, complete a beautician course, work at a beauty parlor for some time to gain experience and then end up opening their own beauty parlor. This job is considered as the safest and nicest job for females in Pakistan.


Education sector has always welcomed female candidates in Pakistan. If you are an educated woman, you are more than welcome to join any educational institute. The requirements have become intense with the passage of time but still, women in Pakistan; prefer doing job as a school/ college teacher.