The Government jobs in Pakistan are always considered to be a lucrative option for job seekers and fresh graduates from colleges and universities. Due to the increased level of job security most people want to get hired in government departments and prefer these jobs over private sector jobs. Usually the compensations and benefits attached with any Public sector appointments are quite a lot. Things, however, are changing slowly as new sectors, industries are emerging, creating new opportunities for the increased numbers of unemployed people in Pakistan. The lack of opportunities in Public sector add to the struggle and hardships of job seekers. There are many people who still want to consider if its worth pursuing public sector opportunities with all the hurdles or whether to go to private sector. To draw a comparative analysis we take a look at the pros and cons of both the sectors:

Government Job versus private jobs:

There are many advantages attached to doing a government job in Pakistan. But in spite of this many people do not like to pursue a public career due to lack of opportunities and want to shift to private sector without having to wait for longer period. Below are some factors that are compared for better analysis:

Job security:

There was a time in Pakistan when the state and government bodies were the largest employers of the country. The first and foremost advantage of doing a government job is high level of job security associated with it. Any person who is working for an employer expects to keep working under all normal circumstances. Therefore having the security that you will not lose your job through any good or bad event is a plus point for any job doer. This helps him or her to have a secure future with a permanent job. It will require very hard and strong evidence against his performance to lay him off the job.
In private sector jobs there is no job security available for the long term. Most of the jobs and appointments are hired on contractual basis and the company reserves the right to dismiss any employee with 14 days or more notice period. The other important aspect of this job security risk is that in private sector large number of companies and business entities are operating. Some of them are large and some of them are small. These smaller companies can close down with only little financial or economic problems as well. Even the large companies always have the risk of shutting down or going bankrupt. So, all employees lose their jobs in such a situation. This risk is minimum in government jobs where chances of government close down are negligible.

The Salary or Compensation:

In the older years the salaries of the government jobs were the highest among all the sectors in the job market. But with changes in the business industry and economic growth in the country, the private sector has risen up in the salary packages and compensation to employees. However in addition to the basic monthly salary the government jobs offer a large number of non-monetary benefits and entitlements to their employees. That is why many people consider them as the best job opportunity in Pakistan. The non-monetary benefits help them get all expenses paid services in the fields of medical and health related problems. This medical entitlement is for not just the employee but his whole immediate family. Then there is the facility of accommodation. Many government jobs allow you to occupy a government house or apartment free of cost or payment of very nominal funds. In other cases you may be given a handsome amount of house rent allowance. Many government jobs also entitle the employee to monthly consumption of fuel, utility bills, educational allowances and travelling expenses. On higher appointments you can also be allotted a vehicle for commuting from one place to another. All these factors add a plus point for the government job versus the private sector jobs. Many of the private jobs also provide these perks and additional benefits but not as much as the government jobs. They are only a set percentage of the basic salary package.

Retirement benefits:

All government jobs offer retirement benefits and pensions as well. The life of a retirement government official is much more lucrative and relaxing than a private job individual. Government jobs offer provident funds, gratuity and constant pension after the employee get retires after a specific period of time. These funds help him settle in a better way after he loses his job and is at an age where his efforts are reduced as well. The benefits of medical and educational facilities also remain even once the employee has retired from the government job.

Allied services:

Being government employee in Pakistan makes you eligible for a number of quotas and services. In all types of national and welfare schemes government employees are given preference. Their children are also offered larger number of seats in a number of educational institutions and special rates of tuition fee. They are also eligible to apply for loans and advance pays from their own government department at nominal and rather low rate of interests.

Promotion and Increments:

Promotions and pay raises are mostly based on fixed time periods and achievement of some basic targets. The career passes through a set progression of appointment levels and specified intervals are achieved as they move up. The pay is also increased at a standard pattern of pay scale. In private sector the promotion and increment is dependent on the performance of the employee and how he has contributed to the profit making of the company. Those who achieve targets quickly and at a faster pace move up the career path much easily than those who are left behind. The level of pay range and increment also depends on how well your manager appraises you and forwards a better performance report. Private sector is much more hard and harsh when it comes to promoting the employees or rewarding them.

Administrative Powers:

One of the most lucrative factors that attract people towards government jobs is the high levels of power that comes with high appointments. Administrative powers are immense in government jobs but private jobs do not offer any such intangible persk to their employees. In private jobs you are supposed to do all your administration and coordination yourself.

Job offers to children of deceased:

In many government departments in Pakistan, the employees have the provision that if they expire during their service, their children are given preference while hiring someone for the job. Private sectors do not offer any such benefits to family members of the deceased.

After going through a short analysis of the private versus government jobs it can be safely stated there government sector jobs are still more lucrative as compared to the private sector jobs. They present a higher number of benefits both in monetary terms and in intangible perks associated a government job. Although there is no set preference when it comes to fresh graduates. It depends upon the person’s own liking and motivations and what he is looking for in a job. After analyzing many factors he or she can decide the job that suits them most.

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