careerobjectives-goals-pakistanChoosing the right career or making a change in the current career has never been an easy task. However with a little effort and proper career planning you can plan a right career for you as well as transition into another field is also possible with minimum risk.

There are many people who end up choosing a career that is not even satisfying and others who are working in an atmosphere where they are just miserable. All this is because of certain myths associated with the phenomenon of career changing.

There is another group of people who thinks the procedure of adopting a new career is a very simple thing; once you have selected a career, the book is closed. In fact choosing the right career is an ongoing process that involves employer and career research, learning about oneself and effectively availing all the possible career hunting resources.

Reasons to change the career:

There are certain reasons why people change or want to change their career. Among these if some reasons fit to you then you also ready to accept change regarding your career. Career changing needs a lot of time, thought and work. Here are some most common reasons why people want to change the career or job.

1 – Change in personal circumstances:

In life you have to face many changing things that demands change in career. For example

  • After getting married you have to share time with your spouse and then with kids. Your children are now school going and you have more time for a quality career. You are the primary care taker of your family so need a flexible job.
  • You are going through a break up or divorce and planning to move back to your town.
  • Sometimes illness or mental sickness force you to change the career
  • Now there is no scope of your career any more so you have to move

2 – To lessen the stress of current career:

When you have high pressure in your present job but you are no more energetic and young to fulfill the requirements of the job you need change. As you age you become unfit for many jobs like fire fighting, excessive driving etc. At this time your demands and desires regarding career change altogether and you move to another feasible job.

3 – If more personal growth is required:

One common reason for why to change the career is your thirst to produce more. It happens when your current career is not satisfying your capabilities as you want learn and explore more. You want to utilize more energy, education, skills and talent to boost your career.

4 – Want to quit boring and adopt a new challenging career:

The current career is not an exciting and challenging one. You have no interest in pursuing the career. You have become bore to current routine and want a dynamic job according to your skills.

5 – To make high earnings:

Present job may be a source of fun and excitement for you but you cannot pay the bill on time. It means you have run short of money and the job is failed to let meet the expenses. Therefore you are compelled to search for a new job.

So one have to be clear why he or she is going to change its career. Having full knowledge of the reason why you need to move to another career plays an important role in selecting the other job according to your circumstances.

How to choose or change the career:

 In today’s job market, career shifting at wrong time and without proper knowledge could leave bad effects on your future. Following are some suggestions that could be helpful in making decision regarding career changing.

  1. Changing career unjustly:

It is not wise to change the career without any reason. You must have a significant and a logical reason why you want to adopt a new job while leaving the current one. You must be clear about the affairs and issues that caused this change. For example is it your boss, work, skill, home or career for which you cannot carry on.

  1. Skill transfer:

Learning new skills at new place is not always a best idea. Making new experiences in a changed career could have risks. Therefore it is recommended to search for a career where you can transfer your skills.

  1. Updating the resume:

Your attempt to obtain a new career will not go smoothly with your previous resume. In order to get a good job that suits you as well it is required to update your resume. This will certainly prove a milestone in changing the career for good.

  1. Knowledge about the field you want to enter into:

You must do research the field before you join it. All the good and bad aspects should be clear. It is awful to know that your passion and skills are most suited here and you can perform even better than before. On the other hand moving blindly towards another career could create stress for you.

  1. Strong networking:

Try to establish yourself through necessary networking connections. Take consultancy and expert’s advice to make well informed and lasting decisions. An employee who has vast knowledge regarding his field is considered more valuable.

  1. Make realistic goals:

Always restrict to realistic goals. Set the goals that match your capability, skills and capacity. Don’t go beyond the boundaries of realism because when you make career goals that you cannot achieve, it leaves you in gloom and destroy your self confidence.

  1. Don’t lose hope:

Keep an unbeatable and positive attitude. Don’t take your job loss a big dent on your career. The closing of one thing could be the opening of a new big! So don’t get dishearten as it collapses the self confidence.

  1. Involvement of risk:

Though it is sometimes necessary to change the career but keep in mind there could be certain risks involved in changing the career. Therefore it is advised not to leave your current position in order to transforming your skills into another career. You have to meet your fix budget so it could be a risk to quit the job for a new one. Moreover, it is not confirmed that the new position will suit you as well.

  1. Practice patience!

A huge change does not occur at once. The next position might be from the locations you are expecting least including your present employer. Relocation as well as salary difference are the factors that could also influence the decision. A number of setbacks can lead you availing the perfect opportunity so patience is the best remedy in such matter.


Switching to a new career may be tough or a rewarding transformation. Consider all the available information and options carefully when you plan to change the career. Keep adding new skills and always be updated about the latest developments of your field. Do take information and consultancy from the experts before you enter into a new career. Having full information about the next career is a very essential tool in making a successful career transformation.