When and how to change your Job is the question in every employee. Perfect time to change your Job is the time when you become unsatisfied with your job. There can be number reasons for leaving or changing your job. For of them are listed below.

  • Behavior of your boss.
  • Behavior of your fellow staff.
  • Personal disliking.
  • Office location and distance from your home.
  • Low salary.
  • You don’t know the work.
  • One type of work nothing new to learn.
  • Don’t get holidays , short leaves when needed.
  • Problem in performing religious activities.

These are most common reasons for people changing jobs in Pakistan. So now if you have decided to change job then what to do . Following the the guidelines that will guide you how to change your Job:

  • Search another job first. (Without telling the existing company)
  • Give proper notice before quoting (Praise the existing company in notice).
  • Work hard in the notice period and complete it gracefully.
  • Ask the new company that you will join them after the notice period.(This will increase your respect in the new company)
  • Take proper experience letter and leaving certificate in the notice period.
  • Don’t use hard language before leaving . Meet everyone properly and forget about your problems you faced in this company.

Hope this article will help you decide when and how to change your Job. To get new job you can register free on